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Who needs Windows 10 Pro: 5 reasons to upgrade.

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This article compares every aspect of Windows 10 Home Vs Pro so that you can choose the best version as per your requirements:. Windows has been the most common operating system for many years now.

It was the first one that introduced a huge change in the technology world and has progressed over these years. Windows started with a simple command-line console with basic GUI Graphical User Interface but over time it has now developed into the most advanced operating system for the users.

Windows Hello is a program that allows users to put secure login fin, fingerprints, facial recognition, and various other ways to secure their device. This feature is found in both the Home and Pro versions of Windows 10, which makes using Windows safe and secure for you.

The data is encrypted in the best encryption methods, which makes the data secure. This encryption makes the device completely safe against threats and data theft.

A firewall remains a crucial part of every system because it protects the system against third-party threats and provides internet protection. The firewall allows you to securely access websites and warn you against insecure or non-trusted sites.

This might include restricting the use of the system to several hours or allowing limited websites to be accessed by your child. This feature can be activated from settings and it works based on some PIN or logs in. Secure Boot is a feature that allows the system to boot with crucial and malware-free applications.

The feature also allows you to remove all unsafe and non-trusted applications in secure boot mode. Windows Defender is an inbuilt antivirus that is provided to all Windows users. It warns users against all possible threats and also allows them to scan and remove malicious files from their system. Cortana is a virtual assistant in Windows 10, which allows users to speak out their tasks to the assistant.

The features usually automate the tasks that are performed on the system by the users. Cortana is available in the Windows version after Windows Power management is one of the most important features that Windows have and Windows 10 has a battery save mode, which shifts the system to a low consumption mode, making it easier for it to save power. One of the crucial issues with the system is that it provides various features and runs many programs in the background.

Therefore, it requires a bunch of resources to maintain its smooth functioning and work. Users have reported various bugs and errors which they face while using the system. Still, Microsoft tries to fix most of them and even sends upgrades for the same.

Bit locker device encryption is a security program that allows you to encrypt all the data present on your system if someone else steals or accesses your system.

It is a data protection program that allows users to encrypt their data and make their systems more secure. Windows 10 Pro provides the feature of Remote Desktop usage, which allows you to access your system and files remotely from any other system. This is a very useful tool because now you can access your system easily. It is a feature in Windows 10 pro which allows the users to share network resources, including devices like printers. It is an inbuilt virtual Machine that will allow you to run another operating system in your Windows 10 Pro like Ubuntu.

It is a management feature of Windows 10 Pro, which enables certain levels of access for users based on their restrictions. This makes it easier to manage an enterprise working. The main issue with Windows 10 Pro is that Microsoft is not releasing any new upgrades or versions of this Windows.

The Settings in the Pro version of Windows do not come with various accessible features, but users have to switch to the Control Panel for various settings. There are also various bugs in the settings. Many features of previous versions of Windows are missing from this version and this may include Windows Media Player, Photo viewer, etc. The shutdown time of this version of Windows is comparatively high, and this turns out to be pretty annoying for the users.

Gaming is a crucial feature of any system because users tend to play games in their free time, but there are some users who use the system mainly for gaming purposes.

So the users who are looking for a normal system with an average gaming experience can choose Windows 10 Home, but the users who want to use their system for core gaming purposes should go for Windows 10 Pro. Answer: Windows 10 home is cheaper than Windows 10 Pro, but Windows 10 Pro has more features than the home version. Answer: Both Windows 10 Home and Pro are fast enough and there is no processing speed difference in them. The only difference between them is that Windows 10 Pro has more features than Windows 10 Home.

Answer : It completely depends on your requirements. If you need a version of Windows for business purposes, then you should go for Windows 10 Pro, or else you should go for the Home version. Answer: For the users of Windows 10, Windows 11 will be a free and easy upgrade if they have the basic knowledge about upgrading Windows. Answer: Windows 10 is considered the fastest version of Windows as it loads applications pretty quickly on the system. Versions like Windows 10 Home are for normal usage, whereas Windows 10 Pro is a version that focuses more on the business purpose usage of the system.

In this article, we have compared Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro in detail and have also discussed various features that both versions of Windows offer to its users.

Last Updated: May 5, Setting All settings are available and can be easily accessed from settings They have lesser features in Settings and user have to switch between Settings and Control Panel Shutdown and reboot time There is fast booting and shutdown The shutdown is comparatively slow and complex Privacy There are minor privacy issues Collects and stores all information on the device Gaming It is good for normal gaming.

It is the best choice if you are looking for sole gaming oriented device. Upgrades There are bunch of automatic updates that are annoying This service of Windows is not complete and now there are no upgrades to it One Drive sync Easy One Drive data sync The data sync is complex which makes it hard to understand that which files are synced Missing features Mostly features are complete and available to use Many features like Windows Media Player are unavailable Purpose They are mainly used for the regular use They are used in company and are for professional use only.

It has extra features which includes encryption, Domain Join , Group Policy and lot more. They have lesser features in Settings and user have to switch between Settings and Control Panel. The data sync is complex which makes it hard to understand that which files are synced.



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Oct 24,  · With the more powerful K, we see that Windows 10 delivered the best results as the upgrade to Windows 11 increased latency by 5%, though a fresh Windows 11 install only increased latency by 3. Mar 04,  · 3. Start to Test Hard Drive Speed. Click Start to begin testing the hard drive or SSD read and write speed with the hard disk/SSD speed test tool for Windows 10/8/7. Different test settings may take different time. After it finishes the speed testing of the hard disk or SSD, it will show you an intuitive graphical table. Windows 10 Pro. Windows Hello 1. Using facial recognition, a fingerprint, or PIN, Windows Hello is a fast, secure and password-free way to unlock your compatible Windows devices Device encryption 2. Device encryption is available on a wide range of Windows devices and helps protect your data by encrypting g: speed test.


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