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Download Now. Developer’s Description By Nikon. Nikon Capture NX is a full-scale digital-image processing and editing software application for capturr photographers, descended from Nikon Capture. Capture NX now provides: Powerful U Point technology powered Color Control Review of nikon capture nx2 software free that enable windows 8.1 6.3 9600 key free user to directly enhance the review of nikon capture nx2 software free selectively, without the use of masks, selections, or layers.

Continued ability to apply every tool non-destructively Requires the user to save their image with NEF. Selective tools such as the Selection Brush and Selection Gradient that can be used to selectively apply any of the enhancements.

A highly-featured browser. Full Specifications. What’s new in version 2. Release March 14, Date Added March 14, Version 2. Operating Systems. Additional Requirements None. Total Downloads 25, Downloads Last Week 1. Report Software. Related Software. Adobe Photoshop CC Free to try. Crop, remove objects, retouch, combine photos, and reimagine the art of photography. Pixelmator Free to try. Touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply effects, or create advanced compositions with ease.

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Review of nikon capture nx2 software free


InNikon released a software review of nikon capture nx2 software free called Capture NX, which was designed for its fledgling line of digital cameras. Over the years, Nikon slowly added new features, but Capture NX was never a serious competitor to Review of nikon capture nx2 software free LightroomCapture Oneor other popular image editing and management software. What exactly does NX Studio do and who is it for? The answers might surprise you. The two have a lot of overlap, but when doing a one-to-one review of nikon capture nx2 software free comparison, Nikon NX Studio comes up woefully short.

However, NX Studio does have a workflow that appeals to a lot of photographers, as well as some advanced tools absent from Lightroom. Nikon NX Studio is great for photographers who want to do more with their photos than what basic programs like Apple Photos can offer.

It has tools for common edits such as white balance, brightness, color, noise reduction, cropping, and sharpness. Nikon NX Studio also goes one step beyond Lightroom by letting you perform basic edits on videos, such as trimming and stitching. But по ссылке Nikon NX Studio really shines is in the sheer depth of its tools. The Lightness, Chroma, and Hue adjustments give you incredible control over editing colors, and the Color Point tool gives you fine-grained control that takes several steps to replicate in Lightroom.

You really have nothing to lose by trying it, and you might find that the youtube nikon capture nx2 free you get from your Nikon RAW files are much better than what you get in Lightroom.

The interface is pretty simple: the left side is where you access your photos in folders or albums. The middle is where you review of nikon capture nx2 software free through autodesk professional 2018 for designers 18th pdf photos or look at them more closely. Your tools are located on the right and clicking the title of a tool expands and collapses its options office activator 2016 free like Lightroom.

An Import button in the top-right corner will let you start loading images from a memory card. Along the bottom are more tools that let you show view overlays such as a grid or a histogramassign star ratings, and rotate photos. One key difference review of nikon capture nx2 software free Nikon NX Studio and Lightroom is that the former stores your image edits in sidecar files, whereas the latter is based around a single massive database, called a catalog.

Still, if you want a powerful image editor but are wary of putting all your editing eggs in a single basket, Nikon NX Studio might be a good choice.

In terms of sheer speed and editing efficiency, Nikon NX Studio does leave something to be desired. But running NX Studio on a machine just a few years old with a spinning hard drive felt positively sluggish by comparison. Adjusting any given slider, from White Balance to Highlights to Color Booster, resulted in a visible checkerboard pattern across the image while edits were applied. Each adjustment only took a second or two, but these little bits of смотрите подробнее add up quickly when editing dozens or hundreds of images.

Other Nikon NX Studio features resulted in slow response times or outright crashes. Navigating through folders to locate images took review of nikon capture nx2 software free longer than I expected, and simple operations like cropping were slow and choppy. I generally zoom in to a photo to check for focus and sharpness and then zoom out for more editing, but even this relatively basic operation was slower and clunkier than I would review of nikon capture nx2 software free liked. After leaving NX Studio running for a few hours — not processing photos, but simply open in the background — it brought my Mac to its knees with a strange memory management error.

Programs such as Lightroom were just as buggy in their early incarnations and are much improved now, and I have no doubt the same will be true of Nikon NX Studio. It will get better over time, but right now you can expect to encounter some glitches. When Nikon NX Studio works, which it usually does, it works quite well. In lieu of a Lightroom-style Catalog system, NX Studio shows you a hierarchical view of all the folders on your main drive and lets you navigate through them to locate your images.

When you import images from a memory card, you can create a new folder to store the pictures. You can create custom names for each import, as well. When browsing through your pictures, you can assign star ratings, color labels, and keywords. There is a Filter bar that you can use to sort your photos according to these criteria as well as other information, but Nikon NX Studio does not have Smart Albums or other dynamic methods for automatically sorting your images.

This shows a list-style view similar to what you see when browsing through your Mac OS Finder or Windows Explorer, with columns that display various parameters such as exposure information, file size, date modified, and more. This is where the rubber meets the road, and fortunately, Nikon NX Studio can hold its own against the competition in virtually all the areas that matter.

While some NX Studio features are not as refined as other programs and some tools are missing in action, what it gets right, it really gets right. While tools like a graduated filter, a radial filterand an adjustment brush are missing, the options you do have should suffice for most photo editing. You can even create multiple custom sets of adjustment options that include only the tools you use in specific scenarios.

This is quite useful if you prefer different tools when editing landscapes compared to editing portraits. It allows you to click anywhere on your image and immediately have access to eight common editing sliders.

Drag any of them to the right or left to increase or decrease that particular parameter. The top slider adjusts the size of the area to which the edits will be applied. The Lightness, Chroma, and Hue Adjustment takes an innovative and highly effective approach to manipulating color.

While similar to the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance option in Lightroomthe Nikon NX Studio implementation offers useful options that professional and amateur photographers will appreciate. You can also change the angle of the rainbow, which means that your edits can be implemented more dramatically or more subtly. Finally, Width lets you target your edits to either a very narrow or very wide band of colors. First, there is no Undo option. Yes, you read that right; instead of an Review of nikon capture nx2 software free, you can create a saved state for your edits then revert to that saved state at any point, but an actual Undo feature is missing.

Also, there is no History tool that shows you every edit and lets you step through them one by one. While Nikon NX Studio is nondestructive and all your edits can be changed or removed at any time, a History feature would review of nikon capture nx2 software free when doing lots of in-depth changes. Other strange feature implementations are present, as well. The Retouch brush has no customization options at all other than its size. Finally, there is no way to make export presets, which could be a dealbreaker for those who rely on this feature in Lightroom and other programs.

Compared to a program like Lightroom, NX Studio might seem limited. Many of the drawbacks have workarounds or alternative methods of accomplishing the same task, even if it does involve some extra steps. And finally, there is always a learning curve with new programs. So are these missing features drawbacks, or is it more a matter of learning a new workflow?

One could make a strong case for the latter over the former. Beginners might be intimidated by the plethora of buttons, options, and tools, especially compared to more basic image editors that are available for free on mobile phones and some computers. But Nikon NX Studio could be a good way for those individuals to start using a more advanced image editor without spending any money at all.

People who should definitely not use Nikon NX Studio are those who have a mobile-first workflow. While there are certainly some important caveats to consider, as well as some messy bugs that will get ironed out over time, I certainly recommend you download it and give it a try. Hopefully, this Nikon NX Studio review gave you some information to help you understand a bit more about the program and whether it will work for you!

Pdf expert license number crack free you interested in Nikon NX Studio? What do you like and dislike about the software? Share your views in the comments below! However, the program works just fine with JPEG images. Nikon NX Studio is designed for desktop-based workflows; there is no mobile version. You can take photos on a mobile phone, transfer them to your computer, and edit them in Nikon NX Studio, but that workflow adds many more steps and probably takes too much time for most people to consider.

Nikon NX Studio is free, but most of the others have free trial periods for new users. That way, you can make an informed choice and find the program that suits your needs. Most computers made in the past few years will work just fine with Nikon NX Studio. I personally found better results when Review of nikon capture nx2 software free was working with an SSD instead of a spinning hard drive, but review of nikon capture nx2 software free any modern desktop or laptop will run the program just fine.

While Nikon NX Studio does have a built-in video editor, its capabilities are very limited. It works for basic trimming and combining review of nikon capture nx2 software free but not much else. Nikon NX Studio goes way beyond basic image editing, and it has some powerful tools that appeal to review of nikon capture nx2 software free and professionals alike.

Nikon NX /46501.txt utilizes a separate program called Nikon Transfer 2 to import images from a memory card or other source. Photo storage on the left, editing tools on the right, and your image in the middle. On slower computers, editing operations смотреть!!

pixelmator magic wand sensitivity free changing the white balance can result in a tiny delay, during which time a checkerboard pattern is visible. I left Nikon NX Studio running overnight; the next morning, I found that my computer had slowed to a crawl. It had some kind of memory leak that was using every spare scrap of RAM I had available. Nikon NX Studio imports images to folders on your hard drive, not to a proprietary archive. To find your images, use the folders on the left-hand side.

The Filter bar lets you sort by review of nikon capture nx2 software free different criteria. List View is a very useful way of viewing and sorting your images. You can create custom sets of editing adjustments, then switch to your custom sets with a simple click.

The Color Control Point tool lets you click on any part of an image and use sliders to adjust colors on the spot. Nikon NX Studio has a very useful tool for making global color edits to an image. Click and drag up or down on этом export logic pro x project to mp3 free полезная horizontal line to adjust the parameters of a color, and adjust the Width to control the range of colors affected by a given peak or valley.

The Export dialog in Nikon NX Studio has plenty of review of nikon capture nx2 software free, but its use is limited by the lack of export presets. Will Nikon Review of nikon capture nx2 software free Studio work on my mobile phone? Will Nikon NX Studio run on my computer?


Review of nikon capture nx2 software free.Nikon Capture NX 2 for Mac

Nikon has ended development of Capture NX2, its premier raw conversion and editing tool. It was a complicated but powerful program that offered. Some people may balk at the cost of this software, but it’s rather powerful in comparison to some of the other packages that come free with some cameras. Cons. This photo editor competes at the highest level, but is easy enough to use for the home hobbyist. Capture NX 2, published by Nikon.

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